1. How does the ECard work?

Our ECard is an animated view of your chosen design, complete with your personalised text, event details and location. The ECards are individually sent to all your guests.

  1. How do I share my ECard?

Your ECards can be shared with your friends and family via email. To email an ECard to your guests, fill out their names and email ids in our ‘Manage Recipients’ section.

  1. Can I WhatsApp my ECards to friends and family?

Inksedge will soon be introducing WhatsApp features for ECards. Stay tuned for more information on the feature.

  1. How can I check if my guests have received the ECard?

Please log in on our website. Go to ‘My Account’, select Manage ECard, select your desired card and click on the ‘Manage Recipient’ option. The page will show you the status of your ECard to each of your guests.

  1. Can I edit my guest list?

You can edit the guest list. Under ‘My Accounts’, go to Manage ECards, then click on ‘Add Recipients’ to your drafted ECard. If you have already sent your ECards you can add recipients in the ‘Manage Recipient’ section. You can individually add the emails and names of your added guests or upload a .csv file. If your pack needs an upgrade you can either go to ‘Upgrade Pack’ on the ‘Manage ECard’ page or ‘Manage Guest’ page.

  1. Can I increase the number of guests for my ECard?

You can increase the number of your ECard recipients by simply adding guests in ‘Manage Recipients’. If you need to upgrade a pack to include the new guests, you can either go to ‘Upgrade Pack’ on the ‘Manage ECard’ page or ‘Manage Guest’ page.

  1. How do I upload my spreadsheet of addresses to the address book?

You can download our address csv from the ‘Add Guest’ page. Edit the csv and re-upload it on the same page to add your guests easily. You can also add individual names and email ids.

  1. Can I upgrade my free ECard pack to increase the number of guests?

If your number of guests have exceeded the pack limit you can upgrade your pack by simply adding guests in ‘Manage Recipients’. Upgrade a pack to include the new guests by either going to ‘Upgrade Pack’ on the ‘Manage ECard’ page or ‘Manage Guest’ page. You can add from 150 to 1950 guests to your current ECard pack by upgrading your pack starting at a charge of Rs 599.

  1. Can I use 50 different designs for my 50 free ECards?

We offer first 50 guests free for one ECard order. Please choose a design and personalise it to suit your style. Your guests will receive an exclusive ECard mail with their name on the envelope so you can be sure that the card is not misplaced in spam.

Printed Cards

  1. Can you remove your logo from the card?

According to Inksedge’s terms and policy, the logo is placed on the back of your card and envelope and cannot be removed from either or both.

  1. Can I see a printed sample of my personalised card?

You cannot see a printed sample of your personalised or ordered card. You will only be able to view the card in printed form when your order is delivered. You can, however place an order for a sample kit to check out our print and paper quality. You can also take a look at what our previous customers have to say about our service here.

  1. Can I change the paper my card will be printed on?

Paper choices are only available for foil and screen-printed designs with an additional charge depending on the paper quality. For more details please mail us at service@inksedge.com.

  1. How do I order matching ECards with my printed card?

If your printed card is available as an ECard, you can go ahead and select the ECard option and begin personalising. You can fill in your event, guest details and place your order. Upto 50 ECards on our website are free.

  1. Can I order matching stationery with my wedding invitation cards?

You can order matching stationery items such as Save the Date, RSVP, Reception, Mehendi and Sangeet invitation cards with your wedding card order. You can view the matching Mehendi, Sangeet and Reception cards in the ‘Complete Your Suite’ section.(attach screenshot). You can find the matching RSVPs, Save the Dates and Program cards in their respective categories.

  1. Can I see a sample of the card of my choice?

Our Sample Kit comes with three predetermined cards in different sizes and print quality.

  1. Do you print address labels with individual guest addresses?

Labels with individual guests’ addresses can be added to your order with a nominal charge. Please contact our customer support executive for more details at service@inksedge.com.

  1. Can you send my invitation to my guests directly?

The cards or invitations ordered can only be delivered to the mentioned shipping address. You can schedule your personalised designer ECards on our website and get them delivered to your guests’ individual email IDs.

  1. Can I save my personalised card and edit later?

You can personalise your card and save as draft to edit or preview later. You can check out your previously edited cards in Saved Drafts.

  1. Is there a delivery charge on my order?

There is an additional shipping charge on every printed order. The charged amount depends on your shipping location and order quantity. To find out about the delivery charges for your order please mail us at service@inksedge.com

  1. What kind of payment methods can I use?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and support net banking for online payments.

  1. Do you take cash on delivery on the order?

Since we deliver personalized and printed cards, we require full payment before we print your cards.

  1. Do you ship cards outside India?

We can ship your order to locations only in the US and India. Delivery charges will be applicable according to your location and order quantity.

  1. Will you print my artwork?

Although we generally do not print others’ artwork on our cards, we can help you use copyrighted art that you own or have a license to in combination with our designs. Standard per card fees will apply and an additional semi customization fee of Rs 5999 may also be applicable depending on designer time requirements. Please send us a mail at service@inksedge.com for more details.

  1. Where can I check my order status?

You can check your order status under ‘My Account’ in Order History. We also send you a mail with the tracking number after shipping so you can track your order.

  1. Is there a rush service option?

We can rush your orders at a nominal fee of Rs 1999. Expedited orders are only possible for digitally printed cards.

  1. Can I change the quantity of an order?

Your order quantity can be only changed before the print approval by contacting our customer support executive. You will receive an invoice for online payment according to your total order quantity. If you increase the quantity after print approval, your additional quantity will be considered as a new order and charged accordingly.

  1. Can you add my motifs to the design?

We have stock motifs in our library which can be added to the design without an extra charge. We can also add your desired motifs which are not present in our library at a nominal design fee of Rs 1999.

  1. Can you add a designer envelope to my card order?

Our wedding invitation collection comes with a set of matching designer envelopes. With every other card collection you will get a set of complimentary white envelopes along with your order. We can add a designer envelope to your order at a nominal charge of Rs 5999.

  1. Can I get extra envelopes?

You can add the extra envelopes while placing your order on the cart page. Extra envelopes can be added at a charge of Rs 25 per envelope for white envelopes and Rs 40 per envelope for designer printed envelopes.

  1. Can you print addresses on my envelopes?

We cannot print individual guest addresses on your envelopes. You can get printed address labels for the addresses of your guests for an extra charge. Please contact our customer support executive for more details, mail us at service@inksedge.com.

  1. Do you also give sealed transparent bags along with printed cards?

Seal king envelopes can be added to your order at a nominal charge of Rs 2.50 per bag. Please mail us at service@inksedge.com for more details.

  1. When will I receive my order?

Your order delivery time will depend on the approval cycle and print type. You will receive your digitally printed order within 5-7 days, foil-pressed cards within 7-10 days and screen cards within 15 days of placing your order.

  1. When will I receive my digital proof?

Your digital proofs will be processed and sent to the email ID provided by you within 48 hours of placing your order.

  1. Can I see the proof before I place my order?

We will not be able to send you digital or printed proofs before you place your order. You can preview your personalised card before placing your order on our website or you can order a Sample Kit to check our print and paper quality before placing your final order.

  1. What should I do if something is missing from my order?

Please mail us at service@inksedge.com to contact our customer support executives regarding any issues with your printed order.

  1. How can I get the card I like in another colour?

Many of our designs come with colour options. If you cannot find colour options for your chosen design, our designers can edit the card to suit your choice of colour for a nominal charge of Rs 5999 after you place your order. Please mail us at service@inksedge.com for more information.

  1. How do I apply a promo code to my order?

You can apply your offer promo code at the Cart Page while placing your order.

  1. What can I customize in my card or invitation design?

You can personalise your text colour, font and spacing on our website. Our designer can also add colour options or motifs to the design at an added designer fee ranging from Rs 1999 – Rs 5999 depending on the degree of your required customisation. Please mail us at service@inksedge.com for more details.

  1. Can I place an order without personalising?

Our personalising steps are easy to follow and can be done in stages. Save your personalised card as draft and continue editing it later.

  1. Can you pack my order in segments?

Your orders can be packed in segments and sent to your shipping address. Please mention your requirements on the Cart under special instructions. You can also send us a note on service@inksedge.com mentioning your requirements. Please check your order quantity and segment details during the print approval.

  1. Can you send my order to two different locations?

Your order can be shipped to separate locations on request in which case you’ll be sent an invoice regarding the shipping charge difference on the order. Please mention your requirement under special instructions section on the Cart Page.

  1. Where can I find my saved personalised card?

You can access your personalised drafts in my account under Saved Drafts.

  1. Can you print my text in foil?

Our designers can edit the card to add foil to your desired element on the design. For more information please mail us at service@inksedge.com.

  1. Can I add my company’s logo to the cards?

We can add your logo to our designs after you have placed your order at a nominal fee of Rs 1999. Send us your logo and specifications along with your order number at service@inksedge.com

  1. Can you change the shape of a card?

We cannot change the template shape of our designs. Our cards are available in various shapes and sizes and we are sure you will find something you like. You can check our quirky collection for unconventionally-shaped cards.

  1. Can you print the text of my card in another language?

We can add your text in other language to any of our designs. Please send us a .doc file with your text typed in the required format and language and our designers will add the text to your card after you have placed your order. You will receive a digital proof with the specified text for approval before printing. We request you to check the text for typos before sending the print approval. We will not be held responsible for any spelling errors.

  1. What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum quantity will depend on the category and print type of a card. The minimum quantity for birthday invitations and money envelopes is 20. For digitally-printed and foil-pressed wedding invitations the minimum order is 50 cards and for screen-printed cards the minimum quantity is 200.

  1. Where does your pricing start for printed Wedding Invitations?

Our paper wedding invitations can be ordered for as little as Rs 49 per card for an order of 1000 printed invitations.

  1. Where are you based?

Please check out our ‘Contact Us’ page for more details.

  1. Can I visit a showroom to check out your designs?

Inksedge is an online eCommerce event stationery company. Most of our designs have photographic previews. Please take a look at the designs on our website. You can also order a sample kit to check the print and paper quality of our cards. For more information mail us at service@inksedge.com.

  1. Do you have laser cut invitation cards?

We do not have laser cut card designs. Please take a look at our wedding invitation collection here for other wonderful foil pressed or screen printed designs.

Can’t find the answers you are looking for? Send us an email at service@inksedge.com with your queries.